Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Old Green Tree - Bath

Also when I was in Bath I felt drawn to this place, tiny bar and lounge with a beatiful interior, loads of excellent draught ales and a loads of up their own arse posh English types.
While reading my book and swigging my beer I felt obliged to listen to their conversation, basically because they were so bloody loud.
"They don't like it up them, the Arabs"
Was heard to be said, no one laughed and I assumed he wasn't taking the mickey.
Bloody Dad's Army, I also heard them slight the Irish, Welsh and for some reason anyone from Luxemborg.
Possibly I timed it badly and these weren't locals, I really hope so because the pub seemed lovely.
I was concidering trying the food but had to leave before drinking one to many pints and trying to take those inbred morons out of their very select gene pool.

The Old Green Tree, 12 Green Street, Bath, Avon, BA1 2JZ

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Humph said...

That made me laugh, because it sounds like the same old droning clique of lags that infested that pub regularly (night and midday) when I was in the neighbourhood about 10 years ago. No, they are not really local. Most of these drabs trickled down to the Southwest from lower-draw mediocrity of London suburbia and want to stake out a bit of “Olde Engelande” for themselves and guard it jealously. Never mind that that some of them aren’t even properly English! There was even one dreary old ex-ruggerbugger whod’ be 60+ now who was so conscious about being Scottish that he had to bore you about it in order to pre-empt criticism for not being “little England” enough (turned out he was Irish anyway which makes him even sadder!)

Yes, why is it that these bores are to be found where you’d least expect or want them? A charming little pub, great barmaids, characterful history, excellent beer – wrecked by these dreary, insecure, suburban miseries. There’s a lot of that in the Southwest!