Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Cabin Bar

I was sitting outside the Cabin Bar, part of the Manor suite outside the fairground in Porthcawl, why is a long story, just let it be known I haven't been there for 10 years and hopefully wont return for another 10. How these places manage to exist in winter is beyond me, summer time, when people who know no better go there, they must make plenty of money.
Anyway, I was sitting there watching scary people go past, some had teeth but most didn't, and it made me realise how lucky I am that I don't need to holiday in Porthcawl. It also made me realise how unlucky I am to live here.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Fairways Hotel - Porthcawl

Had a very good meal here recently, I think the selection of beers is awful but the food was great. Swordfish with five spice sauce was delicious as was the Haddock.
Not the cheapest in the area but the service was very good and there was plenty of extra vegtables and chips. Well worth a visit.
Here is a link to their website which seems to be pretty comprehensive.
The Fairways hotel.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Bell Inn

Went to this pub when there was an event on so there was a hog roast in the garden meaning I didn't have to buy a meal and so didn't try the impressive menu. Very nice looking pub with some good ales at the bar. There was also a beer festival in the old barn/shed at the bottom of the garden where you could try any of 17 unusual beers.
The tokens from the bar were expensive however and when told that one of the ales was off, and it really was off, he told the staff the to keep selling and not refund as the beer was supposed to be like that.
The staff in the shed/barn suggested he was tight b*#tard and not particularly popular, I didn't care, I tried 16 different halves of ales and was well on my way to a hangover.

Mangos Thai Restaurant - Bridgend

Went to Mangos with some friends on their recommendation, very good. The service is excellent as were the staff attentive but not too intrusive.
You have plenty of time between courses to have a conversation and are not rushed at all.
The food was delicious, my mussels were superb and all of us thoroughly enjoyed every dish and course.
The meal came to £100 for four of us including the drinks (a couple of beers, bottle of wine and Irish coffee).

mangos on google maps

Mangos Thai Restaurant
6 Queen Street
Mid Glamorgan
CF31 1HX
Tel: 01656 653131

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Tredegar Arms - Bassaleg

The Tredegar Arms.
It isn't the first time I have stopped off here but I haven't really got enough to write about it yet, except there is big car park with a large garden, with chidrens play area (I have been told off for ignoring any pubs with kids play areas).
Is it my fault I dislike children squawking and squealing while I use the very little free time I have to relax?
Anyway, I digress, big pub which I haven't fully seen yet, seems to have a large focus on food, but there are a couple of decent guest ales there that seem to change regularly.
Will be trying out the food shortly I think.

Caerphilly Road,
NP10 8LE.
Tel: 01633 893247

Googlemaps aerial view

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Star Inn - Llanfihangel-Tor-Y-Mynydd (Llansoy)

Came across this place last week, set in a little hamlet in a beautiful area.
Several different cask ales on and the bar menu looked really interesting, rabbit, fresh salmon, some really unusual pub meals.
There also seemed a good few vegetarian options available.
Lovely outside, plenty of parking and both the bar and lounge seemed tidy. Didn't look at the restaurant as we were outside nearly the whole time.
Am definately planning to go back for some food.

01291 650256

The Seabank Hotel - Porthcawl

Ah, the Seabank, a decaying relic to remind us that once Porthcawl was a vibrant seaside resort.
Stopped for a meal and a drink outside here recently, the drink has to be bottled as they can't run a good beer for more than a day or two, and the meal took an hour to arrive, was seriously sub-standard and was only just warm.
The real pity is that the bar staff are really quite helpfuil and friendly so when you have to angrily demand your money back, they are very apologetic and it obviously isn't their fault.
I personally wanted the kitchen staff to come out and face my wrath, ok maybe wrath is a bit strong but I certainly would have enjoyed telling them that they were incompetent and why.
For a full review read The Seabank Porthcawl

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Old Green Tree - Bath

Also when I was in Bath I felt drawn to this place, tiny bar and lounge with a beatiful interior, loads of excellent draught ales and a loads of up their own arse posh English types.
While reading my book and swigging my beer I felt obliged to listen to their conversation, basically because they were so bloody loud.
"They don't like it up them, the Arabs"
Was heard to be said, no one laughed and I assumed he wasn't taking the mickey.
Bloody Dad's Army, I also heard them slight the Irish, Welsh and for some reason anyone from Luxemborg.
Possibly I timed it badly and these weren't locals, I really hope so because the pub seemed lovely.
I was concidering trying the food but had to leave before drinking one to many pints and trying to take those inbred morons out of their very select gene pool.

The Old Green Tree, 12 Green Street, Bath, Avon, BA1 2JZ

The Royal Oak - Bath

Was out and about in Bath the other day, obviously i stopped for a pint in a couple of different pubs, this place was off the center but not by too far, just past the cricket club.

Not the best looking pub in the world but the barman tried hard, nothing I asked for was available so had to resort to a bottle of Bulmers, sorry Magners in the UK, I know, but it was a hot day and I was dying for a drink.
I ended up having a good conversation with the barman, about his ex-wife, betrayal, love gone sour, escape abroad, chases through the European countryside and courts, and skittles.
I left light headed and slightly depressed but also well fed on complimentary peanuts.
He also warned me that a lot of the locals were slightly cliquey but a danger to noone but themselves.

Worth a look though because it seems a nice enough place.

The Royal Oak - Bath, Lower Bristol Rd, Bath, Avon, BA2 3BW

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Coach and Horses - Chepstow

The coach and horses has a website, but it isn't very pretty, unlike the pub, stopped for a pint and ended up watching the world go by on my fourth pint, will definately revisit this place for some food and right a review, good select of beers and obviously well looked after.