Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Seabank Hotel - Porthcawl

Ah, the Seabank, a decaying relic to remind us that once Porthcawl was a vibrant seaside resort.
Stopped for a meal and a drink outside here recently, the drink has to be bottled as they can't run a good beer for more than a day or two, and the meal took an hour to arrive, was seriously sub-standard and was only just warm.
The real pity is that the bar staff are really quite helpfuil and friendly so when you have to angrily demand your money back, they are very apologetic and it obviously isn't their fault.
I personally wanted the kitchen staff to come out and face my wrath, ok maybe wrath is a bit strong but I certainly would have enjoyed telling them that they were incompetent and why.
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